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Hood-Pro, Inc. has been cleaning and repairing restaurant grease exhaust systems in the southeast since 1997.  Our restaurant grease exhaust hood cleaning and maintenance service can be your best friend. 

Every Hood-Pro employee, including office personnel, are trained and certified in accordance with NFPA-96 to help you with your kitchen grease exhaust cleaning - to minimize fire exposure and maintenance needs. 

We have tried to develop a web site with our customers needs in mind.  Come on in and see some of the tips we have to help you operate safer and more economically.
All Hood-Pro, Inc. employees are trained and certified as competent per NFPA 96 by Hood Technologies Institute.

                                           Kitchen Grease Exhaust Hood Cleaning 
                                                  (Vent-A-Hood Cleaning)

Any place that cooks food commercially should have their grease exhaust system cleaned on a regular basis as specified by NFPA 96 or other local code. This includes, but is not limited to, restaurants, grocery stores, nursing homes, hospitals, churches, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, military bases, theaters, jails, prisons, race tracks, theme parks, bowling allies, convenience stores, and truck stops.

A proper commercial grease exhaust system cleaning (hood cleaning) includes cleaning the grease exhaust fan, the grease duct, the hood plenum, the interior of the hood, the grease trays, the grease cups, and grease filters.

Throughout Hood-Pro’s web site, you will find pictures of damaged grease exhaust fans, improperly mounted grease exhaust fans, electrical fire hazards in grease ducts and grease exhaust fans.

We will also show you pictures of damage done to grease exhaust fans because they were not properly hinged. This damage to the grease fans often leads to grease on the roof and roof damage.

Grease from your commercial cooking operation is intended to be captured by your vent-a-hood and exhausted through the baffle filters, into the plenum, and up the grease duct, and through the fan and into the air or captured by a grease tray beneath the fan.

You will find links in this web site covering such commercial kitchen FAQ’s as:
• Why is my kitchen hot or smoky ? My grease fan seems to be running.
• What does your grease hood cleaning service include.
• My grease hood does not seem to be working – what can I check?
• How often do I need to clean my grease hood (commercial cooking grease exhaust system)?
• What is the purpose of grease hood cleaning?
• Who requires that my grease hood (commercial cooking grease exhaust system) be cleaned?
• Why does my grease fan squeak when I turn on my grease exhaust fan?
• Why does my grease fan hum but does not seem to work when I turn on my grease exhaust fan?
• Why does my grease fan make a lot of noise? 
• Why is the fan sucking my grease filters up into the grease hood?
• Why is my hood leaking grease?
• My last grease hood cleaner’s did a bad job. Can you clean my grease exhaust hood system?
• The previous neglected cleaning the grease hood and grease exhaust system. Can you clean our grease exhaust system?

Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Call 678-494-6893 for service or complete the Contact Hood-Pro page.

Hood-Pro is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.  We have sister companies in or near these major cities:  Atlanta, GA, Indianapolis IN, Oklahoma City, OK, and Fort Collins, CO.  Hood-Pro and its sister companies serve the following cities and their surrounding areas with commercial kitchen grease hood cleaning.  Grease hood cleaning is and important step is fire prevention in commercial kitchens. 

Florida                     Georgia                         Alabama                   South Carolina 
Orlando                     Atlanta                            Birmingham                 Hilton Head Tampa                       Athens                            Huntsville                   Charleston Daytona                    Augusta                          Mobile                         Florence 
Titusville                    Dalton                             Montgomery               Spartanburg 
Gainesville                Macon
Cocoa Beach           Columbus
Jacksonville             Savannah
Panama City

Tennessee             North Carolina                Indiana                    Virginia
Chattanooga             Durham                              Indianapolis                Richmond
Knoxville                  Cary                                   Lafayette                   Virginia Beach
Memphis                  Raleigh                               Kokomo
Nashville                  Greensboro                       Fort Wayne 
Winston Salem         Charlotte                            Terre Haute

Ohio                        Arkansas                         Oklahoma               Missouri
Cincinnati                Little Rock                          Oklahoma City           Saint Louis Columbus                                                           Tulsa

Texas                    Mississippi                       Louisiana                 Kentucky
Dallas                     Jackson                               Lafayette                    Louisville
Fort Worth              Meridian                               New Orleans             Lexington
                               Hattiesburg                          Shreveport 
                                Gulf Port 
                                Bay Saint Louis

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