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The previous owner neglected cleaning the grease exhaust system. How much would you charge to clean it?
Dirty Duct
                 Neglected Grease Duct Picture 

The previous owner neglected cleaning the grease exhaust system. How much would you charge to clean it? 
The short answer is, "We do not set firm fees for restorative cleanings to neglected grease exhaust systems.  We only perform this work on an hourly basis, but we will tell you up front that it will be more expensive that if you had performed regular thorough cleaning."  

At Hood-Pro, we liken neglected kitchen exhaust system cleaning to neglecting trips to the dentist for teeth cleanings.  If trips to the dentist are neglected the consequences can be severe and full recovery impossible.  The same is true in hood cleaning.

The duct in the picture above did not get this dirty by one missed cleaning.  This is a neglected duct.  Either the restauranteur or the hood cleaner neglected the grease exhaust cleaning.  

We have found that it is often not practical to do an complete restorative cleaning in one setting.  It is too costly and time consuming.  We often do restorative grease exhaust cleanings by adding and hour to regular cleanings.  This spreads out the costs for the owner and we can work on baked on deposits.

Unfortunately, more often than not, some permanent damage is done by cleaning up after neglect.  The chemicals used were harsh the pressure washer settings high.  Scrubbing and scraping leaves scratches.

We advise all owner / operators to inspect their grease exhaust system the day after cleaning.  Tips back the fan and look in the duct and the fan blades.  Remove a filter and inspect the plenum.  If this is not possible.  Ask you hood cleaner to provide before and after pictures.  This is easily done via email.  

We hope you have found this useful.  

Phil Evans
Hood-Pro, Inc.
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