I have a wood burning grill. Do I need a hood cleaning for my wood burning grill?, Hood-Pro, Inc.
I have a wood burning grill. Do I need a hood cleaning for my wood burning grill?

 Dirty Wood Burning Grill Duct         Dirty Wood Burning Grill Fan

Wood Burning Grill or other solid fuel sources (i.e. charcoal) are to have a routine hood cleaning once monthly as indicated by the NFPA-96 guidelines for commercial kitchen operations.

Why so such frequent Kitchen Exhaust Cleanings for Wood Burning Grills or Charcoal Grills? As you can see in the pictures above the solid fuel sources emit embers that carry ash up the duct work, the ash adheres to the
grease and build-up begins to escalate. The pictures above are after just one month of use! If the embers do not die out before they reach too much build-up in the duct a fire can ignite and quickly spread through out the duct work.

This is the same duct work below, after a monthly kitchen exhaust cleaning. Notice the black areas? That is char and baked on carbon that will remain from a result of a fire. This hood was not being cleaned on a monthly basis and resulted in a kitchen fire that spread throughout the entire system. Don’t make this costly mistake!

Clean Wood Burning Grill Duct
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